The Science

40% of Americans live with unhealthy levels of particle pollution. 

  • Safe

    The only nasal irrigation system that provides protection from re-infection


    Unlike other devices, which collect bacteria that can cause dangerous infections, the Burble has a patent-pending anti-microbial polymer.

    Time Strip Reminder

    Each kit comes with a time strip signaling when it is due for a replacement to maintain its antimicrobial properties, to help ensure safety and remove the guesswork.

  • Comfortable

    Provides an easier, more pleasant nasal irrigation than any other device

    Flexible & Comfortable

    Burble is the only device with a flexible and adjustable nozzle to fit any angle and nose shape, making it easier to administer.

    pH-Balanced Tablets

    Burble’s patent-pending pH-balanced tablets are the first to be adjusted to nasal cavities for safety and user comfort to prevent burning sensations.

  • Worry-Free

    Comes with features that take the guesswork out of safe storage, saline mixing, and replacement

    Easy-Fill Saline Kit

    Burble’s saline kits are easier to fill and dose precisely at 300ml for the device’s lifetime, creating less waste, less guesswork, and a better user experience.

    Easy Storage

    While other devices create an unsightly counter or live under the sink collecting bacteria, Burble has a countertop solution that is easily stored.

How it works


pH Balanced for Nasal Physiology.

The patent-pending anti-microbial polymer prevents bacteria from re-entering the system. Burble is the only device that features this on the market.


Easy to Prep.

The bottle’s opening is wider for easier cleansing


Immediate Relief.

The ball-joint nozzle allows for easier, more comfortable use at different angles, and for different anatomies.


No Burning Sensation.

The time strip provides a precise indication of when it’s time to replace the bottle to maintain full antimicrobial power.


Fresh-clean Feeling.

The patent-pending pH balanced tablets used for the saline mixture are configured to eliminate burning sensations for maximum comfort.

Developed by a surgical expert in rhinology

Luisam Tarrats, a board certified Rhinologist and nasal surgeon, founded Burble to help people start and maintain healthy nasal routines. He’s passionate about helping people live their best lives with every breath.