Frequently asked questions. 

How often should I Burble?

Burble is the only nasal irrigation system on the market recommended for daily use.

What will my first order include?

  • one antimicrobial polymer bottle for up to thirty uses with replacement
    reminder time strip
  • one comfortable and flexible ball-joint nozzle with a protective cap
  • one conveniently designed drying tray for easy storage
  • 30 patent-pending pH-balanced tablets

How do you fill the Burble bottle?

Fill your Burble with distilled or previously boiled water at room
temperature (no warmer than 110°F/43.3°C) and add one pH-balanced saline tablet.

Is nasal irrigation painful?

No! Burble’s patent-pending pH-balanced tablets are the first to be adjusted to nasal cavities for safety and user comfort to prevent burning sensations.

Should I clean my Burble before using it?

Yes! It is always best practice to rinse your bottle, nozzle and straw before and after use with hot tap water and soap.