How it Works

How to take care of your everyday wellness needs and clear your nose. 

How To 003

Prepare Your Nasal Irrigation Kit

Open your nasal irrigation kit and assemble the drying tray.

Activate the time-strip adhesive by firmly pressing the power chamber. This strip reminds you to change your nasal bottle every 3 months to prevent contamination and sinus infections.

It is always best practice to rinse your bottle before and after use with hot tap water and soap.

How To 002

Prepare the Irrigation Device

Focus on your nasal irrigation device, which is a squeeze bottle system consisting of a cap, a nozzle, and a water chamber bottle.

Place the bottle on a flat surface and add ONE Burble salt tablet.

Fill the bottle to the 300 ml water mark with distilled water ONLY. Never use tap water. The irrigation solution can be at room temperature or warmed to 105 to 110°F (40.6 to 43.3°C).

Insert the blue nozzle component into the bottle closing nut and secure it tightly. Cover the nozzle and vigorously shake the bottle until the salt tablet completely dissolves.

Perform the Nasal Irrigation

Lean over the sink at a 45-degree angle, tilt your head, and place the tip of the device at the opening of one nostril.

Gently pour approximately half of the solution into one nostril.
Repeat the process for the other nostril, using the remaining solution.

After irrigating, dry your nose with a clean cloth.

How To 006

Clean Your Device

Wash the device with warm water and a diluted soap solution.

Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.

Allow the device to air-dry on the dedicated drying tray.

Burble device with tray

**Safety Warnings**

  • Always use distilled water to prevent introducing harmful contaminants into your nasal passages.
  • Do not use tap water, as it may contain bacteria or other impurities that can lead to infections.
  • Change your nasal bottle every 3 months to avoid contamination and potential sinus infections.
  • Ensure that the device is properly cleaned and dried after each use to prevent bacterial growth.
  • If you experience any discomfort or adverse reactions during nasal irrigation, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.
  • Keep nasal irrigation devices out of reach of children to prevent accidental ingestion or misuse.
  • DO NOT SHARE THE BOTTLE WITH ANYONE ELSE, as the microbiome of each individual could be affected.

Frequently asked questions. 

How often should I Burble?

Burble is the only nasal irrigation system on the market recommended for daily use.

What will my first order include?

  • one antimicrobial polymer bottle for up to thirty uses with replacement
    reminder time strip
  • one comfortable and flexible ball-joint nozzle with a protective cap
  • one conveniently designed drying tray for easy storage
  • 30 patent-pending pH-balanced tablets

How do you fill the Burble bottle?

Fill your Burble with distilled or previously boiled water at room
temperature (no warmer than 110°F/43.3°C) and add one pH-balanced saline tablet.

Is nasal irrigation painful?

No! Burble’s patent-pending pH-balanced tablets are the first to be adjusted to nasal cavities for safety and user comfort to prevent burning sensations.

Should I clean my Burble before using it?

Yes! It is always best practice to rinse your bottle, nozzle and straw before and after use with hot tap water and soap.